Git repository viewer in Node.js


Last month I started to develop GitList.js. It is a Git repository viewer written in Node.js.

I set up a new system and did not want to install PHP, but Node.js. Then I wanted to have something like GitList on it, to easily see, what is there on my Git repositories. That was the beginning.

Set up GitList.js on your machine


First of all, to run GitList.js you need to have Git installed. Second Node.js.

To show the contents of your repositories, you need one folder in which you have all your bare repositories.

Bare repositories are …

… Git repositories which were initialized with

git init --bare

You can use them as a remote repository.

Clone GitList.js

GitList.js is available on GitHub. So simply download it there or clone it with:

git clone gitlist-js

Install dependencies

The installation of the dependencies is quiet simple:

npm install
bower install

Configure it

Then you have to configure the /app/configs/repos.json and put in your path to the main folder of your bare repositories.

Run it

Start GitList with a simple

node app.js

If it tells you, that the port is used already, simply replace the port in app.js with a different one.

Known issues

The following issues are known:

Upcoming features

The following features are planned already for a stable version:


If you like to contribute, simply go ahead and fork the repository on Github, make a branch, add something and make a pull request.

GitList.js is MIT licensed, so feel free to do with it whatever you want.

Any questions? Then open up a GitHub issue or mail me.