2019-03-31 - Simple 2D procedural dungeon generator

In this article I'll explain how you can make a very simple dungeon creator on a 2D grid.

2016-02-10 - Global Game Jam 2016 with Surface Pro 1

A postmortem about the #GGJ16 at #InnoGames

2014-02-03 - Git repository viewer in Node.js

GitList.js: When I set up a new system I did not want to install PHP. So I made my own Git repository viewer with Node.js. This is a little setting up guide.

2014-01-14 - Bluebird.js with Child Process

Short overview about Node.js streams, child processes and promises.

2013-12-01 - Large JavaScript Applications with a modular approach

A solution to work in large JavaScript projects with Mediator Design Pattern in a modular way.